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An otherworldly noise erupts from the sky.


The sound is so unsettling, so inexplicable, it throws the entire world into a heightened state of panic. Then the disappearances begin.


For Clarissa Evans, life was already not going as planned. By now, she had hoped her daily routine consisted of midnight feedings, diaper changes, and endless readings of Goodnight Moon—all a pleasant dream, as far as she was concerned—not waiting tables at Aunt Mae's, Pastora's revered greasy spoon. But dreams of white picket fences would have to wait.


As the Sound's terrifying new reality emerges, Clarissa finds herself forming an unlikely alliance with the reclusive and curmudgeonly Andrew Wakeland, a survivalist with a tragic past. Armed with unexpected knowledge that may lead her and her companions to discover the Sound's origin—as well as a potential solution—Clarissa sets out on a perilous cross-country journey.


But the Sound represents only a fraction of her fear. For trailing her at every step is the monster from her youth, his real-world embodiment serving as a waking horror to the monsters that now lurk in her dreams, courtesy of the Sound.