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It was viewed by over 12,700 people and captured on more than 8,200 cameras, cell phones and video recorders


The event over Viking Stadion in Stavanger, Norway, would go down as one of the largest mass sightings in recorded history, but a sighting of what no one could be sure. There was no UFO. Not really. In fact, there was no actual object, nor was it flying. For most, the event would simply register as a remarkable atmospheric anomaly, the incident fading from memory as quickly as the mysterious and inexplicable skyborne artifact that had created it.


Then it happened again.


For 15-year-old Eva Morris of Phoenix, Arizona, the "ring" provided a welcome diversion from the recent and tragic abduction of 10-year-old Rory Bastione, a close friend from Eva's Copper Creek Estates community. But as reports of casualties from the site of the Norway ring hit the news cycle days later, Eva can't help but feel that time is of the essence to locate the missing girl in a way she can't yet comprehend. Driven by a secret motivation to find Rory at all costs, Eva's quest leads her into a nightmare from which there is no waking. A place where fear and survival converge, the horror made all the more sinister by the presence of the ring.