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Samuel Horvath is as relentless as they come.


A tenacious paparazzo with an insatiable appetite for the hunt, he prides himself on always being able to get "the shot"—no matter the subject, no matter the situation. But after a botched job nearly kills him, Sam is forced to convalesce, relegated to count down the days until his return to the sordid streets of Los Angeles.


But something happened that night.


With a second chance at a life that by all accounts shouldn't be, Sam begins to experience a string of odd, inexplicable and, some might claim, downright mystical occurrences. As word of his miraculous exploits spread, he's forced to grapple with life on the other side of the lens, discovering firsthand the intrusive pitfalls of celebrity. More than the inconvenience of fame, however, will be Sam's struggle to comprehend the purpose for his ever increasing abilities, their origin inextricably linked to a destiny preordained from his youth.