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It has been a traumatic eleven months for sixteen-year-old Cam Jeffries.


Ever since his mother, Naomi, vanished without a trace nearly a year ago, he and his father have been trying to reassemble the pieces of their shattered lives. But just as they achieve as close to a normal existence as humanly possible, Cam's chance encounter with a sadistic, vile murderer—known as the Bull's-Eye Killer—throws their already fragile household on its ear.


Narrowly escaping with his life, and unable to quell the nagging questions that plague him as a result of the killer's inconceivable escape, Cam conducts his own investigation. With a keen eye, he unveils a secret world hidden in plain sight of the one in which he lives—a world that exists in parallel with his own. With its discovery he learns there's more to the Bull's-Eye Killer than meets the eye. Much more. But most important of all, Cam stumbles upon the sobering truth that his mother may, in fact, still be alive. Just in the last place he could have possibly imagined.