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For Colin Falsted, moving into his uncle's dilapidated old house was supposed to mark a new beginning.


Sure, the decision was rash, and, yes, the home's remote location was less than ideal, what with it being situated in the vast flatlands of Eastern Colorado's Great Plains, but the drastic switch was just what the doctor ordered to wipe the slate clean and put his troubled past behind him.


At least that was the plan.


No sooner does Colin arrive than strange noises and upsetting images begin to plague his transition. Then there's the mystery surrounding his Uncle Bernard, whom Colin has not seen since he was a boy. Driven to learn the reason behind his uncle's inexplicable disappearance from his childhood, Colin digs into the house's many secrets. In so doing, he uncovers horrors he couldn't have begun to imagine, the disturbing revelations proving the old adage that beneath the surface, nothing and no one is as they seem.