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At long last, Patira has rejoined Centrinis.


Having survived the horrors of the Darklands, Cam, Trin, and Winter have returned home as heroes, but their success marks only the beginning of what lay ahead. The threat of Barathrum looms like an approaching storm, Vane's promise to launch an interdimensional invasion a near certainty. If allowed to happen, countless lives will be lost, and entire worlds will fall.


Vane must be stopped.


Assembling a hand-selected team from the Unified Worlds' military elite, the Consortium has sanctioned a final, all-or-nothing mission to do the impossible—infiltrate Barathrum's nightmarish capital of Skanek and overthrow Vane. There's just one catch—Cam must go with them. In possession of crucial knowledge that can help the team escape, Cam embarks on the most dangerous undertaking of his life. More terrifying than the prospect of where he is going, however, is the even more unsettling notion that, should he fail,  he may never see his mother or father again.